Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weekly Task

When I was in my ex-company, there was once we have to submit 3 assignments per week together with 3 proposals for the next week assignments. I think this is a good idea to improve our programming skills and also motivate ourselves. But, too bad, the plan didn't really go well, I think just two or three weeks, then it died.

Just now when I was sitting in the car, suddenly this idea popped up in my mind. I always agree that it's a good idea, so why not I myself implement it?

OK. This is the plan.

- 3 items a week.
- Item can be prototype, function, java script, tip, tutorial, knowledge, news, just anything that I've learnt regarding software development.

I was thinking, even though when I'm busy with work, I'll definitely learn something. So, it's always good to build the habit to keep record of what I've learnt.

Well, just do it from now onwards. Hope that I can get some friends to join my plan later, so that we'll learn more and get motivated from others. Party

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  1. U impressed me a lot...and You are just the replica/reality of my mind/thoughts...I wish I am there in your place and as your friend..Tell me if it is possible :) my id is you use googletalk pls add mine..wanna talk to you a lot...