Saturday, July 21, 2007

Music-Lyrics Manager

I suddenly have this idea popped up in my mind, simply because we like to listen to songs and sing. But, there's always no lyrics, or we need to search for it. So, I'm thinking of building a small application just to manage the lyrics, and tie it to the song.

I haven't think of the name for the application yet - Music-Lyrics Manager / My Playlist / Music-Lyrics Bank.

These are some ideas in my mind:

- Add music
- Add lyrics
- Link music and lyrics
- Add song to playlist
- While playing the song, display lyrics
- Open windows media player
- Rename filename

Song/Lyrics - id, filename, title, artist, language, dateAdded,type (song/lyrics)
SongLyrics - id, songId, lyricsId

I'm still working on another application - MyExpenseTracker. Perhaps I'll start this after I've completed that. Just to jot down what's in my mind first, in case I forget later. Smile

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