Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to create database and tables in server?

Finally, my project has changed from working with MSSQL database to MySQL database. It's time for me to upload it to the server, and run from there.

I am hosting my site in Exabytes, it might be different from how others do in different web hosting.

1. Click on Databases

2. Click on Create Database.

3. Enter the database name and select User(s).

4. Click on Browse Database, and the phpMyAdmin will prompt for username and password to login.

5. Click on Databases on the menu, and select the database you want to connect.

6. As there is no table created, so I am prompted to create a new table.
Enter the Name, Number of columns and click Go.

7. Enter the column name and properties.
Remember for Id field, select PRIMARY from the Index property, and check A_I for auto increment.

8. Click on Insert to insert some data.

9. Enter the values and click Go.

10. You can also go to SQL tab to write the SQL query to insert the data.

I am going to figure out how to create tables from script, so it'll be easier for me to  create the tables in future.

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