Thursday, May 21, 2015

Creating MySQL database

I am developing an application which requires me to use MySQL database. I'd just like to write down how I achieve it.

While I am documenting this, I just found out I have written a few blog posts about MySQL too. I did another application with MySQL before, but I totally forgot about how to work with MySQL. So, it's good for me to review and re-learn.

Install & Set up MySQL
Download the installer here.
The version I downloaded is 5.6.24.

I follow this tutorial to set up the MySQL server in my Windows OS.

The products I chose: MySQL Server, MySQL Connector, MySQL for Visual Studio

Create Database (using MySQL Command Line)
1. Launch the MySQL Command Line Client.

2. Enter password

3. To create database:
mysql> create database [database_name];

4. To display a list of available databases (to check if the database has been created):
mysql> show databases;

I refer to this tutorial.

Note: I don't know how to use MySQL for Visual Studio to create database, so I used the command line to do so.

I will write how to connect to MySQL database in Visual Studio in next post.

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