Sunday, November 11, 2007

ASP Spider - Free Web Hosting


This is a ASP.NET web hosting with SQL Server Express, FREE version.

I've registered to this web hosting when I started to learn ASP.NET, it was quite hard for me to find other free web hosting at that time.

At the beginning, you are given 10MB disk space, where you can increase the disk quota up to 200MB.

The registration was closed for quite some time, and I just found out it's open again now. For those who are interested in getting this free web hosting, you may click on this link: Register Now

[Updated on 26 April 2008]
I just checked out the site, and found out the site is going to stop offering the free ASP.NET web hosting services starting 1 May 2008. I have to look for other free ASP.NET web hosting sites. :p

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