Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Purpose

I have been thinking of developing my own website for many years.
Though there were many plannings going on, the simple task hasn't been really executed, as I did not have a solid idea on the purpose of the website.Having decided on developing my interest and skill in software development, I finally found that there is a need for me to build a website, recording my learning process throughout the whole path.
Here we go, finally I've decided the purpose of my website.

  • To record my learning process & result in software development.

  • To encourage or push myself to keep learning, to be more hardworking, or to motivate myself in learning.
  • To promote the message "Programming is Fun!"
  • To share any software development related information with others.
  • To receive feedback, advices, suggestions, comments from others, so that everyone will benefit.

I do not like to be alone in my learning path, I always like to involve others along the way, same to my life. It's fun to have companies, so that we will grow together, so that we can point out each other's mistakes, from there we learn together.

Moreover, it's just fun! Here we start the journey......


  1. good...let's start...
    on and off i will put comments here ya... 8>

  2. To Jeannie,

    Yeah, do remember to contribute to my projects uhh... haha~~
    Thanks in advance! ^_^

    I'll seek for your comments on and off too. :p