Friday, April 13, 2007

The Plan

I have these thoughts in my mind for carrying out the plan of building my website:
  • Start developing projects. It's always good to learn from practical work. Besides learning, I can develop applications for myself to use too.
  • A blog to record how this website is being set up, and also the process of the learning. Well, before I have established my own website, here will be the host of my blog posts.
  • Record and list out the helpful website URLs. Resources are always useful in the learning process, but I always lost the URLs somewhere in the space.
  • Simple prototypes, sample codes, code snippets, articles, tutorials are always useful in learning software development.
  • I always like to have a forum to serve as a communication media for discussing and sharing certain topics/opinions.
These are the areas I plan to include in my website in the future.

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