Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to install nopCommerce?

I just started to learn about nopCommerce, as I have just recently accepted a job which is to develop an e-commerce website with nopCommerce.

Though it seems to be very easy to install the nopCommerce, it really took me days to do so, especially when setting up the database. It's actually very simple, but I just didn't know how to do it right.

Here, I'm going to write the simple steps to install nopCommerce.

1. Go to nopCommerce download page to download the latest version.
I chose the Source code version. The current latest version is 3.50.

screen shot from nopCommerce download page

2. Unzip the downloaded file and open the nopCommerce.sln file. (I am using Visual Studio 2013.)

3. Set the Nop.Web project as start project. (Nop.Web project is located inside Presentation folder.)

4. The Install page will be displayed. I have encountered many issues during this stage previously.

Store information:
Admin user email:
Admin user password: admin

Create sample data: uncheck (unless you want some sample data added to your new database)
Create database if it doesn't exist: check
Enter SQL connection values: check
SQL Server name: [PC name\SQL Named instance]
Database name: [The database name you'd like to create]

Previously, I had errors because I didn't enter the SQL server name correctly. I didn't know I have to add the PC name. It's my mistake, as I am not familiar with all these installation and configuration. Though it took me days, it's good for me to learn.

5. Once the nopCommerce has been successfully installed, you'll see this page.

Hope you will not take much time to get the nopCommerce installed.

Happy developing with nopCommerce.

** Please note that I am just a beginner in developing nopCommerce e-commerce website. My ways of doing might not be the perfect or very good method, and just how I am working on them currently while learning.

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