Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To start learning php: Set up WAMP Server

I just received a freelance job, which is to design a website template. All the functionalities should be okay, just that I need to create a login function for the website, which I can't use ASP.NET C# (the language I am familiar with), and I need to learn php for this.

To start learning php, my friend recommended me to install XAMPP. But, I couldn't successfully install the Apache service. Hence, I go for WAMP Server.

Installing WAMP Server is easier, but I still failed to browse the "localhost" page. After searching around, I found that it's actually the port 80 has been used by other applications, though I have stopped some of the SQL Server service. Finally I have found a way to solve this: Change the port number!

To change the port number:
1. Go to C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apachex.x.xx\conf
2. Open the httpd.conf file
3. Look for "Listen 80" and change the number to something else, e.g. 81
It's just this easy.

The trouble is that, every time when I need to go localhost, I have to manually type this in the address bar: localhost:81
It's okay for me, as long as it works! ^_^

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