Monday, May 14, 2007

Crystal Report or Embedded Report?

I need to create a simple report for my application.
The report only needs to include some data in tabular format, and some user information.
I've been looking into Crystal Report and Embedded Report today.

Crystal Report:
I guess the functionality is more powerful, and it's been a well known reporting.
If my report requires more functionality in future, then I do not need to change the report control.

Embedded Report:
I was thinking of choosing this embedded report, coz I only need a simple report.
This embedded report can be run on local mode, which it will be faster and less traffic created to request data from the server.
I only need to export function to PDF and Excel, which this embedded report was limited to only export to Excel and PDF works fine for me.

Well, so far I have problems with these two report tools, although I thought it should be very simple.
Crystal Report:
I've tried a prototype with Crystal Report, it was fine, it's very easy to configure and format the report layout.
But, when I really want to try this in my application, I was prompted to enter the connection information. Well, I have no idea what XML file I should key in for the File Path.
Perhaps a XML format for the Class?
Well, I was just stuck here, and don't know how to proceed further.

Embedded Report:
As for the embedded report, I'm having problem too.
I have this error: "A data source instance has not been supplied for the data source..."
Well, I have no idea what to do right now.

Perhaps just take a break, and continue later.

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